Mebane Equine Bodyworks (formerly Mebane Saddlery) is a division of Mebane Equestrian, LLC based in Hurdle Mills, NC and is the home of independent certified saddle fitter and certified equine massage therapist Tara Mebane.  Tara is lifelong rider and horse owner, with years of experience training and competing in a variety of disciplines:  hunters, eventing, jumpers, and dressage. It's her passion for horses and every aspect of horsemanship that drew her to wanting to understand saddle fit, and the importance it plays in the physical health and well-being of our equine partners.  Personal experience with the damaging effect of an ill-fitting saddle with her own horses also played a significant role in the desire to further understand this "science" and be an advocate for all horses and riders.  


In September of 2015, Tara finished training with over 250 hours of study in English Saddle Fit and Flocking from one of the most comprehensive courses of study available. Taught by Mike Scott, a Society of Master Saddlers certified saddle fitter, graduate of the Cumbria School of Saddlery in Penrith, UK and an equine massage therapist with over 25 years of experience, the program naturally emphasized anatomy, an understanding of how the horse moves, as well as fitting and flocking english saddles.  Continuing education is of upmost importance, so she apprentices as schedule permits under Mike himself, other graduates of Mike's certification program, saddle companies, and other equine professionals (vets, chiropractors, etc) to increase education and experience and provide the best service possible.  

Through her work over the years as a saddle fitter and constantly finding muscle and performance issues in her clients, often due to improper saddle fit, Tara decided to expand her knowledge and services by becoming certified in Equine Massage/Muscle Therapy.  Going back to her mentor, Mike Scott, Tara successfully completed the program and has revamped the business to focus on a more holistic approach to equine wellness and performance.

Finding a new passion for equine bodywork, Tara has continued her education down the bodywork path, taking several continuing education courses in other techniques and anatomy, culminating and in a certification in equine myofascial release in 2021 with EquiLearn Institute, an Equinology® Independent Licensed Company.  


As an independent fitter, priority is on making sure your current saddle fits your horse---whatever brand saddle that may be.  If a new saddle is needed or desired, Tara is happy to assist in evaluating and selecting new saddles. Tara travels all over the state of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina and is happy to travel further if needed.