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Bodywork Sessions

Bodywork sessions are centered around the sports massage  and stress point therapy principles as developed by Jack Meagher, the father of equine massage.  I also incorporate a lot of myofascial work through myofascial release techniques, kinesiology taping, fascial energetics, blading, and any other techniques acquired through the various continuing education courses taken each year. 

These sessions are intended for healthy, sound horses and are not a substitute for veterinary care. If your horse is currently receiving any veterinary care for illness, pregnancy, injury, etc., then written permission from your veterinarian  for your horse to receive bodywork is required.

Please have horses ready and groomed at time of appointment.

Bodywork session are $85 per session and typically last at least an hour.  

Saddle Fit Evaluation

The saddle fit evaluation process includes both a static and ridden evaluation of the fit of your saddle, and includes the following:

  • Integrity check of the saddle (tree, billets, etc)

  • Palpation and Movement evaluation

  • Conformation and Symmetry evaluation

  • Tracings/Templates as needed

  • Static evaluation

  • Ridden evaluation--rider may need to mount a few times to check adjustments.


Evaluations are $100/horse and include up to 2 saddles. Appointments generally last 1-1.5hrs each, please have horse groomed and ready at time of appointment. Please note that nothing can be done for foam flocked saddles that do not fit, other than to make pad and shimming recommendations. 

On Site Flocking

With wool flocked saddles, semi-annual to annual maintainence is needed as the wool shifts and settles, and as the horse changes shape throughout the year. Wool flocked saddles can also be moderately adjusted to make a more custom fit to the horse, as long as the tree and panel shape are correct for the horse.  Fee is $75 per saddle, and is done inconjunction with a fit evaluation.  

Complete Reflock

This process involves taking the saddle apart and completely stripping out the old flocking and replacing it with new wool.  This is not done onsite. Unless otherwise discussed, please allow a week to complete. Reflocks are needed every couple of years--depending on use--as over time the wool will compact and harden, which is not healthy for your horse's back.  A  deep cleaning of the saddle is also done at this time as a lot of dirt and grime will get in between the panels and tree that can't be cleaned unless the saddle is apart. 




Billet Replacements

Replacing the billets with new leather billets. Pricing is as follows:

  • 1 -- $40

  • 2 -- $80

  • 3 -- $120

  • 4 -- $140  This is typical for a dressage saddle.  

  • 6 -- $160  This is typical for a jumping saddle.


If the panel has to be dropped to access the billets (some dressage saddles and all jumping saddles), then an additonal fee of $55 applies. 


As with car tires, I recommend that all billets be replaced at the same time if a billet needs to be replaced. 

Trip Fee

All appointments are subject to a trip fee, which is dependent on location and travel time. In some situations, a trip fee may be discounted or waived for appointments of 4 or more at the same location.  While primarily NC, SC, and VA are general service areas, I am happy to travel anywhere outside those areas. Please contact me for more details.  

Payments Accepted

Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Paypal, Venmo

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